Crafty Diwali

Home-made Candle

Home-made Candle

Use any broken glass or cup at your home to create this beautiful DIY candle.
Material Required: Left-over candles, crayons to color, candle wick, a glass container and any material to decorate the container.

1. Melt candle wax along with half a crayon of any color you want. To melt wax use any of the following two techniques –
a. Microwave it
b. Using gas stove, heat some water in a pan. Put wax and crayon in a separate, smaller container/vessel to be placed inside this pan. Heat the pan till all wax melts.
Caution: Do not let water enter the smaller container/vessel filled with wax.

2. Place wick in the middle of the glass container in which you want to set the candle. Tie it down with something heavy (like a screw, a metal nut) so that it stays in place.

3. Pour hot wax into the container. Allow it to cool down making sure the wick is in place.

4. Decorate the glass container with material of your choice, such as pearls, glitter, mirror, ribbons, or paint.

And the candle is ready!!


Newspaper Candle Stand

Material Required: Old newspapers, any adhesive, a paint brush, acrylic paints and a tea light.

1. Roll newspaper sheets to form thick sticks.

2. Paste these sticks together to form a strong pillar.

3. Flatten a few sticks and roll them to form circular base. Repeat the process to form smaller concentric circles to be placed on either sides of the pillar.

4. Stick the structure together using a strong adhesive.

5. Color the pillar using acrylic paints. Decorate it per your wish.

Place a tea light on the candle stand and enjoy its warmth in your house 🙂

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  1. swati says:

    looks awesome!!


  2. Rupin Kaur says:

    Very beautiful n interesting. …


  3. Tajinder kaur says:

    Excellent work…keep it up


  4. Vaibhav says:



  5. Sahiba says:



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