Paper lantern from fellow prettifier

IMG_20151016_110914[1]Paper Lantern
16 October 2015. Tajinder Kaur

This is the first guest post on homeprettifiers and the guest being my mom makes it all the more special. After all, she is the source of my creative genes.

She visited me 2 days back. Seeing all the craft material lying around and keeping the spirit of Diwali alive, she created this beautiful paper lantern. The lantern’s dim light passed through its colorful papers to turn pink and green, and lit the passage in my room. I cannot wait for it to be evening again and switch it on 🙂

Material Required: thick colored paper, punching machine, paper cutter, pearls, cotton yarn, thick wires and lamp fittings.

1. Cut thick colored paper into 4 A4 size sheets. You can keep the size smaller depending on the space where you intend to hang the lantern.
2. Punch holes on the vertical edges of all the sheets. Try and punch these holes at equal distances. Our were not exactly equidistant 😦 and it impacted the shape of the lantern in the end.
3. Use a paper cutter to cut out fine patterns on the sheets. This will allow light to pass through these cuts and make the lantern glow beautifully.
3. Use cotton yarn (or any other thread, ribbon) to thread these sheets together through punched holes, as shown in the picture below. Repeat the process to tie all 4 sheets together and form a circular structure.
4. Take two thick wires and stick them perpendicularly inside the lantern. Glue a pearl on either side of the wires after passing them through the punched holes to prevent them from falling.
5. You need an electric wire, a bulb holder and a light bulb for the lamp fitting. Tie one end of the electric wire (with the bulb holder) to the thick perpendicular wires placed inside the lantern (refer the WIP collage below).
6. Hang the other end to the wall. Fit the light bulb in the bulb holder.
Tadaaa! We are done.

WIP Pictures for Reference:Home Prettifiers1-003

Hope you liked it. Wish you a happy home!

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  1. Swati says:

    wow!! super pretty!


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