Scribble #1: hum.AN.imal

A post after sooo long!

I was on a vacation since November 2015. Travelling to various places in India on weekends until Christmas, after which I visited Australia (including Tasmania). While I am still in Australia, am now back to both office work and my art/craft.

This series of random art started as a game on one of our trips to Chindi, Himachal.
Game rules: Any person, other than me, scribbles something on a white sheet of paper. I then take that scribble and create an art piece (at least that is what I think of the end result :P) out of it.

While I do not have my previous pieces here in Australia to share on this ‘world famous website’, I do have one that I recently completed.

Scribbler: Mayank Mathur (dearest brother-in-law, jiju as we call in hindi)
He scribbled with his eyes closed and this is what he drew:



He made my life easy with this scribble as two shapes could clearly be seen. AND here is the end result – a drawing and happy Amrita.

man-head snake n fish


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  1. Sahiba says:

    Its awesome


    1. Thanks Sahiba! 🙂


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