How to use diwali fairy lights?

I love lights, especially dim lights. Correct lighting can drastically change the look of a house. I personally find my house a much calmer place with lamp shades all around and music that matches/dominates my mood.

When I have a get-together at my house, white tube-lights are a complete no-no. I just switch on all the lamp shades in the house and any additional soft and warm source of light, such as candles and fairy lights to create the ambiance.

If you think of lighting your home this way, none of your Diwali fairy lights will ever go waste. Think about corners that currently seem lifeless, and you have got a perfect partner for your fairy lights.

I once circumferenced the bottom panel of my bed with these, just enough to hide the string from sight, but to have its glow brighten the dark room. I recently did a couple of experiments and here are some not-so-good pictures of these easy homeprettifiers.

A beautiful empty bottle, green lights and an unused bathroom corner. Almost as if the corner was waiting for these fairies to light it up!!


Bathroom mirror, circumferenced with pink lights, when combined with jazz music become a perfect companion for lazy evening baths. My favorite.

These are just a few ways you can use these lights to prettify those neglected areas of your house. Hope you discover more such tiny gleams of happiness. 🙂

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  1. Sahiba says:

    Awesome ideas! Love them


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