Scribble #2

Here I am. This is me!! 🙂
Another piece of work that I did last year and there is no reason I should have waited so long to share it with you — you, yes you….someone out there must be reading my precious posts 😛

Jinxie (my husband) drew many random lines on a sheet of paper as one of the scribble challenges. Genius me, I decided to turn those into carefully drawn sections of pattern. It took hours to complete, but all the effort was worth it. We both are in love with this scribble (and each other)!


If you notice, there are 12 spokes. Jinxie never counted the lines when he drew them –12 spokes of course remind us of a clock. Luck by chance…whistles (imagine me doing bhangra in full swing)!! And now the plan is to get a clock machinery and fit it in the center of this work and have a self-designed wall clock. Ting Ting Tiding 😀

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