Avoiding Side Effects of Facebook

I have a love-hate relationship with facebook. While I hate the run for likes and shares, which should never be my motive of sharing my work on the platform, I must say that I am not very good at avoiding the trap of this number game.

I realized, not only this, facebook has one more side effect on me. I had started thinking differently of my craft projects. Earlier, all my projects were what came naturally to me – I would see an object (mostly waste) and instantly KNOW what I WANT to turn it into. Now I see an object and THINK, what CAN I turn it into and post it for my readers.
(Earlier and now in the above sentence refer to a time difference of 5 days. It has been less than a week that a different thought process was trying to make way and I stood against it – to defeat it – I hope so.)

For those of you who are thinking what is the difference, let me tell you it is this thought process that makes all the difference, at least for me. For example, I dreamed about creating that Absolut Bright lampshade. I always knew that bottle will make it big one day. When I made it, it was as if that bottle and the food delivery container were always meant to be together, only I did not know about it. It also found a perfect corner in my house.

Whereas when I try and create something after forcefully thinking of what can be made, it never gives me the kind of thrill, fun, joy and happiness for which I do craft. Moreover, it never finds that place in my house. I keep shifting it from one corner to another but never find one where it fits.

To avoid such trap, I created paper gift bags two days back. I know there are simple, so would not prove my worth as a craft-er. I know anyone can make these, so would not get me as many likes on fb as I would want. I did not even write all this dilemma on fb while posting this picture, because drama is also very well sought after on the platform.

I made these bags because I always wanted to. And it was fun.


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