Mediterranean Memories: From Waste Wood to PhotoFrame

While cleaning my balcony the other day, I saw this waste piece of wood.It was love at first sight. I could only imagine one thing being made out of it-  a blue photoframe! Yes, blue. I always wanted a blue, wooden photorame. And I knew I would make it on my own; I just did not know when and how.

I had borrowed a saw from my dad a couple of weeks back as my craving to craft with wood was growing day by day. I often have these sudden attacks (urge) of experimenting with stuff – and I wanted to be prepared for that day. Well the saw did come handy 🙂

It took 1.5 hours for my world-class wood-cutting skills to chop this long piece of wood into four parts. Well, what else was I thinking? But again, who will want to wait and go to a carpenter to get this done. That urge of experimenting had already kicked in.

Just when I thought I had my photoframe ready (the typical rectangle stuff) and all I need to do is somehow fix it together; my husband arranged these pieces in a completely random manner, resulting in its current shape (and lot of additional hardwork).

The frame was obviously painted blue and to match the theme, I used my pictures from Greece. Mediterranean Memories 🙂 I took help of ice cream sticks to hold the big pieces together and decorated it with copper dori (thread) and mirrors that I had got from my recent trip to Ramgarh (Rajasthan).

I am super duper excited to finally have a home-made blue photoframe 🙂




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  1. Sahiba says:

    Wow looks amazing!


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