The Mesmerizing Murals of Ramgarh

Homeprettifiers for me has so far been about interiors. But recently I visited a small town in Rajasthan, Ramgarh, that broadened my horizon and introduced me to the other side of pretty homes – its exteriors.


Ramgarh is in the Shekhawati region, also known as the open art gallery of India. In the 19th century, this area  attracted many wealthy merchants who built lavish havelis. These havelis uniquely displayed vibrant murals on its walls and intricate wood carvings on its doors. The exhibition of wealth and subsequent explosion of creativity is still engraved in these century old havelis, attracting many art enthusiasts.

With flourishing tourism, many owners are now converting their havelis into resorts and we stayed in one of them, Hotel Ramgarh Fresco. The resort complemented its art-heavy walls with simple, yet classy sheesham wood furniture to recreate the luxury enjoyed by its original owners. Each room is then furnished using a color theme, adding to its appeal.

It was beginning of summers in the desert town. Surprisingly, mornings and evenings were still pleasant and I enjoyed getting lost in the old, dusty lanes of Ramgarh. Visiting one haveli after another, I was mesmerized by the variety of art exhibited on these similar looking brick structures.

The town also houses amazing craftsmen in a completely unrelated field: Lakh Bangles. With trade not remaining that profitable, residents of this town turned to bangle making. Each house is like a mini-workshop crafting lakh bangles. Obviously I could not resist myself and did lot of bangle shopping.

Small towns and villages in India house much more creativity than we imagine!
As a student of arts and crafts, it was an enriching experience for me. I hope to travel more and learn more from such unknown homeprettifiers in small town India.

*fingers crossed* 😀



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