New Country, New House, New Home-Prettifying Solutions

August 2016 – We shifted from India to Sri Lanka. We left our family, friends, people and house to experience a new culture, a new country.

Colombo is beautiful. It is much more organized, clean and green than Delhi NCR. There are broad walkways for pedestrians, something me and my husband missed terribly in India. Surprisingly, it is not that hot and humid as I imagined. In fact, it  is very pleasant (barring afternoons when the sun is very strong), always windy. This makes walking all the more fun. People do not jump signals and stop for pedestrians at crossings. One way roads are treated as one way even by autorikshaw (tuk-tuk) drivers. And most importantly people listen to traffic police. This all sounded alien to us when we were in Delhi NCR.

Despite all the positives, I miss my family and friends. Cannot escape the feeling of not being able to meet my mom and dad every other weekend. No more impromptu plans with cousins. No more house parties with friends. No more weekend trips to the Himalayas. And I was yet to explore North East India.

I miss my Gurgaon house. It took me more than one year to turn that house into my home. I handcrafted most of the wall hangings and show-pieces in it. Used my parents’ old furniture, gave it a new look and added it to the house.

I had a mini terrace garden that I used to water every morning and evening. I had even worked on the washroom lighting. I could have happily stayed at home all day – working from home, reading my favorite stuff, doing art and craft. And then I left it all to start afresh.

Now we have a new house in Colombo. It is furnished with all basic furniture and appliances, but still does not feel home. With time, it will.

I am constantly thinking of ideas to prettify my new place. Sustainable home-prettifying solutions is what I am looking for. Newspaper, as usual, is going to be my best friend. I have already started on my first project and will share it soon 🙂

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