Polka on my mind

Colors are liberating!

Bought a canvas long back but was scared to ruin it by trying something too ambitious, or even basic maybe. Exactly the opposite of what I should be thinking. I was never scared of using colors in my childhood. Never thought I would waste a sheet of paper by  getting it wrong. There was no right or wrong. But now there is. In my head. That is the big unlearning I am trying to do.

May be that is why I like ceramics. Clay is very forgiving. You create. If you don’t like your creation, you can recycle the clay. No resources go waste. And yes, raw clay is cheap, unlike big canvas and acrylic or oil paints. Specially in an island nation like Sri Lanka, where imported art material is heavily taxed.

Too much diversion. Coming back to my current experiment. It was not bold. It was a calculated, conservative move for me to use this piece of canvas and colors without fear of failure. And yes, there is hope that these conservative moves will help me overcome my fear of wasting a canvas, of understanding colors and using them freely, as I did in my childhood.

I used paper tape to divide my canvas into smaller triangular sections. Sections – to limit my work space and boost my confidence to pick up liquid colors. It worked. Painted the sections with different colors and used my fingers to create polka dots. Fingers are easy to use and create similar shapes – more reliable than a brush for polka at least.

Once I was done with colors, I removed the paper tape. As expected some color had managed to bleed into the tape and I had to hide it with something.


By the way, I like multi-media. I had previously painted some toilet rolls with similar colors and polka dots. Actually, the entire idea of painting a canvas with this theme came from that.


Using these toilet rolls to hide the imperfections, I ended up with this piece on our bedroom wall.


Oh and the paper tapes I removed from the canvas were too beautiful to be thrown away. This is what they now look like.

I do not believe in 5-minute crafts. It always takes time and that is the point. I like indulging in it. But this one is definitely simple and quick. Do try it to experience the magic of colors and add your work on one of your walls. It feels good.

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