Ceramics Handwork: Finally got it right. Pheww!

There are times when we surpass our own expectations. This ceramics piece definitely felt like one of those. I still can’t believe I made this, and now I feel happy and nervous at the same time to have raised my own expectations.


This is a handmade ceramics tray made out of a single clay slab. I used a narrow trimming tool to scrape out clay when it was leather hard to create the texture.


Before I glazed the final piece, I tried some samples to see what glazes look the best. I finally used two colors – honey brown as the base color, and sea green to highlight each cavity to produce the desired effect.


I now practice sample glazing for most of my works to avoid getting unexpected results after glaze firing. Glazes when applied right can produce beautiful effects. This one took my heart away for sure <3.

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  1. Himani Mittal says:

    So beautiful!

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