My Favorite Chakras

I really like this circular pattern. I call it ‘Chakras’. Concentric circles, with line pattern highlighting the path in every alternate section. Initially, I tried making this pattern on a closed vase. But it could not take the weight of its elaborate mouth and developed cracks.  So no vase.


After a few months, I was making this bottle shaped piece. When I started visualizing the kind of pattern I wanted on this one, a big chakra, slightly off-center looked perfect. I have a best-in-class mind screen on which I visualize patterns. The screen can take any scale, can change the background color from white to black depending on the object being assessed. It does not require any technology updates and actually acts on my whims and fancies.

As is evident, this bottle was made using slabs. I cut out stencils of various required dimensions and then used these to cut out clay slabs.  The pattern was made using coils and then flattened with a wooden paddle.

I used honey brown glaze to enhance the pattern and am happy with the end result.

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