My first two sculptures.

Just when I was immersed in my current dosage of clay in ceramics, I was introduced to sculpture through a common friend/teacher. I saw the process of making a clay portrait and instantly wanted to try it. I knew it was the next natural extension of my involvement in the medium. I started traveling very far from home to practice sculpture.

The first portrait below is a result of my first four travel days. It is not a copy of any person, but made from imagination to practice form and features. I am now in process of casting this piece to learn how a waste mold is made.

Sculpture 1

Meanwhile, I started working on my second portrait. This is a copy of an antique. I am very pleased with this WIP, as I was able to copy the form and feature placements in just over four hours. I will now work on its details before learning how to cast it in plaster.



My teacher Prof. Sarath Chandrajeewa – a master sculptor and a well-known name in the Sri Lankan art field – also liked it (I hope :)). The day I was making this sculpture, sir told me that I should work on my own today, as it also happened to be the day when Sir was being promoted to the Vice Chancellor of the University of Visual and Performing Arts, Colombo. Everyone in the class was happy and I made this piece in that excitement. Not sure, if each subsequent sculpture I make will feel special, but this surely felt like one!


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